Wealth Management

A well-constructed portfolio balances risk and reward. It seeks sustainable growth, creates income streams from a wide variety of sources, and diversifies the risks inherent in every financial instrument resulting in overall portfolio stability.

A sensible investment strategy takes into account both sides of the balance sheet as well as your income and expenses. Consideration should be given to insurance concerns (life, health, disability, liability and property insurance); tax concerns (income, property, long and short term capital gains and possibly corporate taxation) and anticipated business expansion and capital investment needs. The portfolio must anticipate cash flow requirements, both present and future. Portfolio design must also consider external influences on your portfolio, examples include: the state of the economy, inflation, and interest rates.

There are many financial products from which to choose when allocating assets for your portfolio management. We provide the skilled due diligence required to make an objective, prudent, and diversified selection. We look for investments with favorable long-term track records, outstanding management, and logical business plans.

We believe that “timing the market” is most often counterproductive. We are aware that markets are not always efficient. We exploit opportunities created by emotional and illiquid conditions whenever it is possible and sensible to do so.

We track more than twenty investment categories, sometimes referred to as asset classes. We follow many categories so as to have the best possible understanding of each asset class behavior. That includes the degree in which each category moves in sympathy with the others.

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